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Mason Murray

Mason is a senior from Asheville, NC. She is majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Anthropology, with the goal of earning her MD in the future. Mason joined in the Fall of 2021 and has cherished the people that make up the supportive, compassionate, and inspiring AED community. Outside of AED, Mason is a research assistant in the Button Lab, Vice President of STEM Sisters, member of Camp Kesem, part of Greek life, and a volunteer for SHAC. When she’s not studying, you can find her hiking, baking chocolate-chip cookies, and working out!



Elizabeth Banyas

Elizabeth Banyas, a junior from Ellicott City, MD, is pursuing double majors in Neuroscience and Biology, with a minor in Chemistry.  With this, Elizabeth is driven to revolutionize the treatment of neurological disorders as a medical scientist. Since joining the Fall 2021 pledge class, Elizabeth has been deeply impressed by collaboration and compassion within the society which has resulted in invaluable experiences and personal growth. Beyond AED, Elizabeth is a Karen M. Gil Intern concentrating in behavioral and integrative neuroscience at the Center for Drug Discovery at RTI International.  She also actively assists in neurotrauma research at the Johns Hopkins University SOM Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine. Additionally, Elizabeth serves as a TA for ENGL105i ”Composition and Rhetoric in Medicine,” volunteers for Wonder Connection at the UNC Children's Hospital, and teaches piano lessons to increase access to music education. During her free time, you can find Elizabeth enjoying the quad, at a spin class with friends, or out on a run!



Max is a Senior from Asheville, NC and is majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Neuroscience. He’s a member of the Fall 2020 pledge class and served as one of the Social Chairs last year. Outside of AED, Max is on the pre-med track and is interested in pursuing a surgically related specialty. He is also a research assistant at the Cook Lab where he works on Western blots and analyzes how disruptions within the cell division cycle affect genome stability. Max volunteers at TABLE, peer mentors for CHEM 430, is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, and participates in men’s intramural basketball. He also has had experience in UNC Hospital volunteering and interning for BIOL 101L. Although this summer he’s been studying for the MCAT, he has previously worked as a Medical Assistant at EmergeOrtho in Asheville. Beyond school, Max likes to check out new restaurants, play pick-up basketball, devour entire pints of ice cream, spend way too much time in Davis, and occasionally ride his longboard around campus



Ethan Gibbons

Ethan is a sophomore from San Jose, CA majoring in Medical Anthropology with minors in Biology and Spanish for the Health Professions. Since joining in Fall 2022, AED has been such a welcoming and safe space where he has met so many amazing individuals. He is truly grateful for how the AED community challenges him to be the best version of himself. Outside of AED, Ethan is involved in public health research at the UNC SOM Department of General and Pediatric Medicine and runs two non-profit organizations that aim to provide pandemic relief and reduce barriers to healthcare for migrant workers. He also volunteers with CPALS, Camp Kesem, and UNC Hospital. This summer, he has been shadowing a cardiologist, and he hopes to work as a CNA this upcoming school year. When he is not hunched over for long hours at Davis Library, Ethan enjoys going on long hikes and road trips, drinking boba, playing word games (especially Word Hunt), and exploring stationery shops or sketchy antique stores. 



Haylea is a junior from Hudson, NC majoring in Biology and Medical Anthropology with a minor in Exercise and Sport Science. She joined AED at the beginning of her freshman year in Fall 2021, and she has loved every moment of this experience. From the tight community to mentorship opportunities, AED has been a huge part of her time at UNC. Haylea plans to pursue a career in pediatric physical therapy, eventually earning her DPT. Outside of AED, Haylea is a CNA, works as a home health aide, is a Student Leadership Coordinator for NC Fellows, and is involved in Camp Kesem. She also works closely with Catalyst Conference, a Campus Y organization and soon-to-be nonprofit. In her spare time, Haylea loves watching live music regularly, reading a good book, doing anything outdoors, and going thrifting!



Emily is a Junior from Cary, NC but her family recently moved to Banner Elk, NC! She is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Data Science and Chemistry. After graduating, she plans on taking a gap year to work in research or a medical office while applying to medical school. She has interests in neurology and emergency medicine. Emily joined AED in Spring of 2021 and has seen loved getting to grow within the organization by forming strong relationships with her fellow members. Outside of AED, Emily is a member of Campus EMS, Dr. Peter Tsai’s lab at UT Southwestern, and a TMS technician for MD psychiatry in Durham. This summer, she is working in clinical research in Dr. Katherine Martucci’s lab at Duke as part of a NIDA grant. For fun, Emily is active in UNC Figure Skating club where she serves as the Vice President! She enjoys baking, reading, and is trying to get into running but will probably be sticking to hiking and walking!



Stevie Levite

Stevie is a junior from Apex, NC. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school to become a pediatric occupational therapist and work with children with autism. Stevie joined AED in the Fall of 2022 and immediately fell in love with the organization and the people in it. She loves how AED gives so many unique and inspring people a way to connect over their shared love for healthcare and helping others. Outside of AED, she the is co-president of Mental Health Ambassadors, a head TA for Dr. Hammer’s ENGL 105i class,  and a proud member of B3. In her free time, she enjoys driving her car (often to Jordan Lake), playing the bass, antique shopping, and baking. 



Amelia is a junior from Summerfield, NC majoring in Chemistry and Biology with a minor in classical humanities. She joined AED in the fall of her freshman year, which was fall 2021. She has cherished the community that it has brought her and the amazing opportunities it has provided. She plans to take a gap year working in research before earning her MD and hopefully working in anesthesiology. Outside of AED, Amelia is a caregiver, volunteers with the Special Olympics, is a CHEM 262 peer mentor, and participates in Club Swim. She is spending this summer swim coaching in Summerfield. In her free time she enjoys trying new restaurants with her AED family, swimming, participating in intramural sports, and spending time on second floor Davis instead of getting 8 hours of sleep. 



Thomas is a senior from Asheville, NC and is majoring in Biology, with a minor in Spanish for the Health Professions and Chemistry. Since joining AED in Spring ‘22, Thomas has hardly missed an event and met so many incredible people who have guided him on his goal of becoming a doctor, while also serving as an invaluable source of social support and stress relief. Beyond his involvement with AED, Thomas spends time volunteering with TABLE, is a research assistant in the Conlon Lab, a peer mentor for CHEM 262,  an EMT, and Davis second floor die-hard. He’s currently studying for his MCAT and shadowing this summer, but in past summers he worked at an Urgent Care, where he fufulled roles from phlebotomy to insurance processing. Outside of school Thomas loves to ski, thrift, hang out with his cats, and get eight hours of sleep.



Minghao is a sophomore from New York City, NY. He is majoring in Biology and currently aspiring to attend medical school. Since joining the AED family in the Fall of 2022, he has loved learning, bonding, and collaborating with everyone in the AED family! As a student, Minghao also participates as a research assistant at the Zylka Lab working on the automated detection of mouse grimace, a Peer Mentor for Dr. Evans’ BIOL 104 class, and the National Communication Coordinator for the Residence Hall Association. In his free time, you can find Minghao playing Ping Pong in the Union Underground, exploring Franklin Street, and spending time with his friends!



Carson is a junior from Burlington, NC majoring in Biology and Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry. He joined the AED family in the Spring of 2022 and has enjoyed being involved with such a close-knit community. Carson hopes to earn his MD in the future to practice as a neurologist with a specialization in memory disorders. Outside of AED, Carson has worked as a research assistant in the Batrakova lab at Eshelman School of Pharmacy studying drug delivery systems and currently works as a research assistant at the UNC Aging Brain Clinic studying memory disorders and patient-provider communication. Along with this, he works at a family-owned restaurant, recently completed a surgical technologist program, and is a Fall 2023 Karen M. Gil intern. In his free time, Carson enjoys trying out new restaurants and coffee shops, thrifting, and upcycling clothes.

essie bio.heic


Essie Acquah is a junior from Raleigh, NC who has been a member of AED since the beginning of her journey at Carolina! She is majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry and hopes to pursue a PhD in Neuropharmacology on the research track. Outside of AED she works as a research assistant in the Social Neuroscience and Health Lab and as a Senior Marketing Residential Computing Consultant for Carolina Housing. To unwind from a long day she loves dancing on the African dance team at UNC, Zankiliwa. She also loves spending time with friends in the Student Union and going on walks around campus with a good podcast in her ears. AED has helped Essie channel her healthcare passion into the skills and interests she currently holds, all this done with the guidance of other members of the organization to help provide insight.



Ameek is a sophomore from Cary, NC majoring in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. Ameek joined AED in Fall '22 and has loved being a part of this family. She found some of her closest friends from AED and continues to learn from her AED peers! Ameek's future healthcare passion is becoming a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Outside of AED, Ameek is involved in brain imaging research under the NIRAL Lab, volunteering at the children's hospital, and peer mentoring for Chem 102. Ameek is also the publicity co-chair for Public Health 360. Beyond academics, Ameek loves to thrift, drink matcha & coffee, and try new restaurants!



Anna is a senior from Apex, NC majoring in Nutrition Science and Research with a minor in Medicine, Literature, and Culture. Since joining AED in the Fall of her sophomore year, Anna has found a family in the kind, open-minded, and dedicated community that AED creates around its members. AED has introduced her to a wide range of pre-health interests and perspectives — broadening her definition of what caring for health encompasses — as well as some of her best friends! Outside of AED, Anna is a research assistant in the Neuropsychology of Ingestive Behavior Lab (NIBL) and serves on the HOSA-Future Health Professionals International Executive Council, where she hopes to contribute to the promotion of mental health awareness. Her second home is either UNC's Davis Library or the local Starbucks, drinking an absurd amount of coffee and cramming for exams with her best friends. She loves running on the UNC trails, experimenting with new recipes, going on coffee tours, and road trips — especially if there's a concert at the end.

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