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Amelia Curtis

Amelia Curtis is a senior from Gainesville, FL. She is double majoring in Biology and Classics with a minor in Art History. After graduating, she hopes to attend Medical School. Amelia joined AED in the Fall of 2018 and has fallen in love with the close-knit community of AED and has made some of her best friends through it. Outside of AED, Amelia has served as a Peer Instructor for BIOL 101 and BIOL 201 and currently works as a Caregiver and UNC Health Volunteer. She is also involved in research at the Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Kabanov Lab. She is very active in UNC sports and occasionally dabbles in Sports Marketing. Outside of school, Amelia loves spending her time outdoors, with family and friends, or in the kitchen baking or whipping up a good meal.

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Ayaka is a junior from Allendale, NJ. She is majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics with a minor in Spanish for the Health Professions. Since joining the AED family in fall of 2019 and later serving as Service Chair, Ayaka has fallen in love with the collaborative, supportive, and truly inspiring AED community, some of whom are now her best friends. Outside of AED, Ayaka is an epidemiology research assistant at the UNC Division of Cardiology, a Spanish medical interpreter at the Student Health Action Coalition, STEM educator for the JoyDew Foundation, and Outreach Chair for UNC Best Buddies. In her free time, you can find Ayaka drawing, painting, or cooking!



Virginia Tanner

Virginia is a senior from Hickory, NC. She is majoring in Biology and Philosophy and minoring in Chemistry. She joined AED in the fall of 2018 and loves the community formed with her fellow pre-med students. She has met some of her closest friends here and is excited to foster those relationships in AED’s new members. Virginia plans to earn her MD and work in Pediatric Oncology to help other young adult cancer survivors. Other than AED, Virginia volunteers in the Pediatric Oncology unit through CPALS, is a member of greek life, and works as a medical caregiver. When she's not doing homework, you can find her binge-watching Criminal Minds, wandering campus looking for dogs to pet, or thrifting with friends.

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Anna Geib

Anna is a rising junior double majoring in Nutrition (through the school of Public Health) and EXSS. She hopes to be a physical therapist and at UNC she participates in EXSS and stroke research and is involved in CPALS, a club that volunteers in the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology clinic. In her free time she likes to cook, hike and swim!

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Ogugua Nwaezeigwe

Ogugua “O.G.”  Nwaezeigwe is a sophomore from Charleston, SC. She is majoring in Pre-Business and Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish for the Medical Professions. She joined AED in the fall of 2020 because she wanted to find a family-like community with similar goals during Coronavirus time (and she did!). Even though the majority of her AED experience thus far has happened through Zoom University, she is grateful for the friends she has made, and the different perspectives offered on medicine. After graduating, she plans to take another gap year before pursing an MD/MBA. Outside of AED, O.G. can be found reading, building her marketing business, and sleeping!

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Ariana DeMattei

Ariana is a senior from Westhampton Beach, NY majoring in Medical Anthropology with minors in Biology and Chemistry. After graduation she plans to attend PA school with the hope of pursuing a career as a pediatric oncology PA. Ariana joined AED in the Fall of 2018 and has brought her to some of her best friends as well as a supportive family. Outside of AED she serves as the AWB Co-Chair on the APPLES exec board, a member and counselor of Camp Kesem, a member of Greek life, and works as a Nurse Aide. When she’s not working, she enjoys art, paddle boarding, baking, traveling, and playing with her/any dog.



Chris Lung is a Senior from Charlotte, NC. He is majoring in Psychology and Medical Anthropology and minoring in Chemistry. He joined AED in the Fall of 2018 and has enjoyed every moment he has spent in AED with his newfound family. They have brought him many new and exciting perspectives on healthcare and life in general and he has found some of his closest friends through the organization. He hopes to one day go on to become a child/adolescent psychiatrist specializing in children with mental disabilities. Outside of AED, he is an avid hiker, mountain biker, soccer player, violinist, and photographer. He is also on the Operations Committee for Carolina for the Kids, a NC Special Olympics soccer coach, an undergraduate researcher studying maternal/child health and works as a bobarista at Kung Fu Tea. His favorite restaurant on Franklin Street is Cha House (don’t tell his boss) and he is an avid foodie and baker.

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Nishitha Karumuri

Nishitha Karumuri is a junior from Huntersville, NC.  She is majoring in Health Policy Management and minoring in Business Administration and Urban Studies and Planning. Nishitha joined AED in Fall of 2019 and has loved every single minute. Through AED, she has met her best friends and found a second family that genuinely cares about each other. Being in AED opened her eyes to the plethora of fields that exist in healthcare. Nishitha aspires to work in healthcare management, addressing the systematic chasms in the healthcare system from an overarching perspective. On campus, she is also involved with Sangam, AMWHO, and works with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance. In her free time, she loves to bake, paint, collage, and go thrift shopping.

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Joshua Zachariah

Joshua Zachariah is a junior from Concord, NC majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Biology and Chemistry. After graduating, he hopes to attend Medical School in the hopes of pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine. Joshua joined AED in the Spring of 2020 and has not looked back since. He loves the comradery and the various support systems that he has been fortunate enough to be a part of during his time in AED. His favorite aspect of AED is the variety of health professions that are represented through his fellow classmates. Outside of AED, Joshua serves as an undergraduate researcher in the medical school studying a specific protein called Myosin 10 and its effects on various organs and bodily functions. Outside of classes, Joshua likes to spend his time walking around campus and hanging out with friends on Franklin Street.

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Claire Blackman

Claire is a sophomore from Pfafftown NC majoring in Chemistry. She plans on applying into Gillings School of Global Public Health. Claire joined AED in the fall of 2020, and has made some of her closest friends in AED. While she hopes to go into nephrology, she is excited to keep exploring a variety of opportunities in healthcare through AED. In addition to AED, Claire is a member of UNC's chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma and a member of CPALS. Outside of AED, she loves hiking, exploring national parks, playing lacrosse, and cheering on the heels. One of the items on her bucket list is to go skydiving!

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Tate is a sophomore from Charlotte majoring in Nutrition with minors in Spanish for the Medical Professions and Chemistry. Since joining AED in fall 2020, he has made friends that have opened his mind to explore different healthcare careers and ultimately helped him discover his desire to become a gastroenterology PA. Also at UNC, Tate is involved in campus ministry through InterVarsity and is an intern at the School of Medicine’s Microbiome Core. Diet has a tremendous influence on holistic health, and exploring that connection is an awesome rabbit hole to go down. Don’t think he never lets loose, though; Tate is always after a good burrito, some sushi, or down to go to Maple View. He is dying to explore Japan and the Mediterranean one day, hopefully settling down at the beach (when that day comes). For now, Chapel Hill definitely feels like home.



Alyssa is a Senior from Long Island, NY. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Medical Anthropology and Speech and Hearing Sciences with the hopes of becoming an Audiologist in the future! Alyssa joined AED Fall 2019 and has loved the organization ever since. She is her Pledge Class President and has loved being able to call the AED community her second family. Besides finding lifelong friends, and having amazing professional opportunities from AED, her favorite part is the community of support from a group with similar career interests. Fun fact: Alyssa chose her career path because of an AED meeting! Outside of AED, Alyssa just became a CNA and is a member of Carolina Vibe and Phi Mu. In her free time she enjoys baking and going to the beach.

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Ceren is a junior from Cary, NC majoring in Psychology and Medical Anthropology and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. She is hoping to become involved with clinical psychology in the future! Since joining AED in the fall of 2019, Ceren has enjoyed making new friends and becoming part of a family that all share her love for healthcare and helping others. AED has made her feel like she has a home here at Carolina. Outside of AED, Ceren is also a team member for the UNC Equestrian Team and serves as their Horse Show Coordinator. In her free time she loves to ride her horse Monkey (who loves bananas), make artwork, bake, spend time outdoors, and try new foods! In the near future, she would also love to launch a blog discussing mental health and feminist ideas with self-made illustrations.

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Annie is a junior from Davidson, NC majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and History. Annie joined AED in Fall 2020 and has found herself in awe of the poise, work ethic, and heart of all her AED siblings. She loves how AED has given her such a big group of friends to socialize with and get advice from. After graduating, Annie plans to go to PA school and hopefully have multiple 'careers' in different fields of medicine! In her hometown, she works as a geriatric care aide in a Memory Care unit for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Outside of AED, Annie serves as Co-Vice President of Public Health 360 and is a member of UNC’s Club tennis team. In her free time, she loves to bake, use photoshop, go to sporting events, play trivia at local coffee shops, and stay active by weightlifting and going on walks/runs with friends!